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I'm back from my trip, but i'm not feeling well. I'm dealing with an annoying pain on my throat that contaminated me during my trip. My family already buyed some medications to help me heal my sickness. Thank you very much, my loved ones. :heart:

Now i'm exploring new forms of art like digital art, classic art and some new fotography styles. :)

That's all for now.

Yuri out.
I'm gonna lay low for a while. I've been spending so much time using internet... It's time to disconnect from the internet world for a few days, doing something different out there.


Yuri out.
I've got some new ideas in my head. Since i've been using my cellphone as a camera for too long, i'm thinking in buying a professional camera. There can be times or days that i'll be travelling to another states, cities, countries, etc. And i like to discover new amazing, marvelous things and then show them to people. :)

Many photographers of the past have an immense collection of photos they taken during their adventures. Some of these photos are very rare, powerful, reflective and touching for sure. :nod:

I'm planning in buying a camera to show great, marvelous things out there. Things that are very inspiring and full of life. :)

Coming soon.

Yuri out.
What's up, guys? :wave: It's been a long time since i wrote a journal. Time sure flies fast.

Anyway, i'm 18 years old now. Welcome, adulthood! :D Here come new responsibilities, challenges, life lessons and discoveries. :)
When you reach adulthood, you can finally learn new things like driving a car, piloting a plane and stuff like that. But that does not mean we can do anything we want.

There are many bad things out there like drugs, alcohol, crime and other stuff that can be pretty prejudicial. :no:

Adulthood means more responsibilities, tasks, work, lessons, discoveries and most importantly : family.

We are always growing with our mama, our papa, our grandpa, our grandma, our brothers and sisters...

They care of us and teach us, and as we grow, we do the same for them as a form of saying : "thank you for being in my life. I love you."


For all the birthday wishes and gifts, thanks very much. 💖
Today's my B-Day! :la:
I'm doing 18 years old! :woohoo:
Hey there, friends. Hope y'all are doing well. :)
I have some good news: my time at University has started a while ago. I have meeted new and amazing friends and teachers! :D
We are doing the course of Rights, some of us wanna be judges and others wanna be lawyers. The people in my class and the teachers are very awesome and friendly. :D
One of my friends, :iconponyecho:, had a great time at University. He's a very exemplar and carismatic friend. He also knows how to help and to give good devices. Thank you very much, super-friend! :D
BTW, some things are hard at the start, but as time goes on, they start to get a lot easier with hard-work, dedication, competence, family and friends. :)
There is a user who registers under the username "Sepulchre". He has been harassing, threatning, impersonating and even spamming constantly others users on DA. If you get a reply from him, DO NOT reply to him at all, just block him and report him to the DA administration.
Hey guys! Lightning-Mover256 here, i'm just dropping by to say that yesterday was my 1th day at University. My first day was great! :) i meet some new, amazing people, new teachers and some really beautiful girls ;) But most amazingly: have you ever felt that feeling when you know you finished an awesome job and then you can't believe how great the result is?
I had that feeling. When High School camed, my friends and i lived many good moments and made many people smile, and after High School we guarded those special days in our hearts. :)
I want to finish this journal with a quote from the "Senna" movie: No fear, No limits, No equal.